Sunday, April 11, 2010


So Reagan finally woke up last night around 11pm...right as we were drifting off to sleep (I think she woke up because she had to pee...she didn't go all day while she was sleeping). I got up with her and she was in good spirits so we just sat up and watched hoarders til she got sleepy. I laid her down at 12:45am and she slept through til 8:30am. I was so glad to see her actually wake on her own this morning (instead of sleeping the entire day). She was a little groggy during the day and took a few short catnaps on my lap, but all in all she was awake most of the day today. The chorea (movements) seem to have settled down along with the nausea, so I'm hoping whatever it was that she was fighting off is gone now. She's been such a sweetie today. Very calm and cuddly. I love snuggling with that girl. Tomorrow is our first day of nursing...and good thing because we have a busy week. We met one nurse on Friday and one on Saturday. Both of them are very experienced and seem to be nice people. They'll probably split the week between the two of them (or possibly a third nurse). I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm just glad they were able to get everything set up so quickly. If we would have had to look for an another attendant on our own, it would have taken me weeks to months to find someone. I hope nursing works well for us.

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jocalyn said...

Thinking of you guys today! Hope the nursing helps out...and you don't get too exhausted "training" someone :)