Monday, April 5, 2010

New AFOs

Last night went about as I would have guessed. Reagan made it til 3am in her bed and then slept with us for the rest of the night. Actually she continued to sleep til 10:30am or so this morning all sprawled out in our bed. Must be nice! At least someone got a good night's sleep! She woke up with a fury, screaming and crying. I admit I was a little worried at what our day was going to hold. All turned out well though. Once she calmed down, she was great for the rest of the day! She's been very talkative again today. Reagan had feeding therapy today which went surprisingly well considering she threw up twice yesterday. And then this afternoon we picked up her new AFOs. Very cute...I just hope she tolerates them. Overall she's been less moody today. Only a few of the outbursts...mainly just a good way (I promise to upload that video tomorrow). She did have some chorea-like movements today. I sure hope that doesn't mean she's getting sick again. Please keep her in your prayers that she pulls through whatever is bothering her and gets well!!!

Front of Reagan's shirt...

The back. Yes...there are little wings that hang off this shirt!! So cute!!

The new, stylish AFOs.

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Jamie said...

she should have given Madie a call! 3am on the dot she was up and making her LOUD noises! LOL