Monday, April 19, 2010


Exhausted. We all are. Reagan was up all night last night. We transferred her to our bed sometime around 1am and she then proceeded to wake up every 15min or so and we'd have to shush her back to sleep. Not a good night. On a positive note, she woke up semi-happy today. No more that's definitely a good thing. On the other hand, she's spent the entire day extremely nauseous and throwing up frequently. Lots of volume to these throw ups. I don't know if the nystatin we're giving her for her possible yeast infection is causing her tummy to go to town? I mean, it has been a while since she's had something in her stomach (although I don't know if 2ml 3x a day really qualifies as "something"). Poor girl. Please keep her in your prayers. We took her in to see the pediatrician on call for her doctor (who's out for 4 weeks for surgery) and she said "it looks like the virus of the week". Thanks. Glad we brought her in. We did run over to the lab for yet another genetic/mitochondrial test. So far everything has come back negative (the complete sequencing of her mitochondrial genome, the mitochip assay, and the complex I deficiency panel). Which means that although Reagan's muscle biopsy was positive for mitochondrial disorder, they still haven't identified WHY. Now they are screening her for mutations common to complex IV deficiency. We'll see if anything turns up.


Cjengo said...

Many prayers!

Jamie said...

Miss Reagan! Im waiting for my giggles and good night sleep!! Give your mama a rest! More Prayers via satelite from Connecticut! :D