Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm posting from my i-phone so I'll keep it short. Reagan was still asleep when we left the house at 10am. Sleeping is great but that was a bit of a red flag. She woke crying about 5min before we got to the hospital. She's slept nearly all day (which isn't great for catching twitches she only does when she's awake)! When she's awake, she's crying. Inconsolable crying that only stops when she falls back asleep. She's only opened her eyes a handful of times all day. She's miserable and it has nothing to do with the EEG...since it started before we even got here. Talk about bad timing. I just hope we can get a few more "events" recorded before tomorrow (I've only noticed one head twitch so far). Hoping they'll have enough data to rule out seizures...and hypsarrhthmia. Please keep our miserable little one in your prayers!


Bronx Cataldo's said...

My son has days like that with the crying. Would be intrested to see if it showed higher activity in the brain. Our doctor cannot say for sure if its anyway seizure related. Also my son sleeps alot when the weather changes mostly when the tempature goes up. He does much better in cooler to cold weather. The AC will be blasting soon to keep him comfortable.
Hugs to your sweet little girl.

Jackson's Blog said...

Praying for good results! Hope Reagan feels better today!