Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just plain miserable

It's been one heck of a day today. Reagan slept well last night but woke crying and never stopped. Seriously. She's been screaming crying literally the entire day. Every waking moment. She's completely and totally miserable. Writhing in pain. It's horrible. I've given her tylenol & motrin but nothing seems to help except sleep. She's been on nonstop antibiotics for months now. She just finished up a round of Suprax and we restarted her preventative Amoxicillin today. How could she possibly be getting sick agan?!?!? Then today I noticed some redness, not on her bottom but in the front. Just a little, but this is a child that never has rashes ever. It made me wonder if maybe what we're experiencing is the wrath of a yeast infection (from long term antibiotic use). Then I looked in her mouth and her tongue was white. Not like white with sores but white like she's been drinking milk. But Reagan doesn't drink milk...or anything by mouth. So I called the pedi on call and he agreed that it might be yeast related and called in some nystatin. It's an oral suspension and the first medication we've tried to give Reagan by mouth in months. She didn't seem to mind it. Although it's hard to tell in between screams. We also picked up some antifungal cream to try in the diaper area. Ugh...what a day. We missed Jackson's birthday party. I just hate that we couldn't go. The story of our life. It's impossible to make plans with this never know what you're in for. Please say some extra prayers for her tonight. We soooooo need a better day tomorrow!

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jocalyn said...

poor poor baby. hope today's more pleasant.

and that bedding is the cutest i've ever seen :)