Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hell Day

Yes, I know quite a dramatic title but oh so true. It started last night (see the previous post)...Reagan continued to cry and did not go to sleep til 2am. Then she woke at 4am and cried til 5am and then woke crying again at 6:30am. I was watching the clock...waiting for our helper to get here and take Reagan so I could get some sleep (considering I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before either). About 7:45am I get the text...she's not coming in today. I lost it. The tears were flowing (one of many times today). I really, really, really needed help today. Eventually I pulled myself together, gave Reagan her medicine and prepared her formula, and we jumped in the car to go to the doctor. We got there an hour before her pediatrician did, but thankfully they always take us straight back to a room. Good thing too because Reagan was miserable and crying nonstop! The doctor could see (and hear) Reagan's pain and prescribed her some Tylenol with codeine and yet another antibiotic. Her left ear was a little "pink" and her throat was red but with the amount of crying she's been doing that wasn't surprising. We came home and immediately filled the prescriptions but as it turns out Reagan is apparently immune to the effects of codeine. She continued to scream and cry all day long. Actually it was more of a hoarse moan/cry...every waking second! And that was pretty much the entire day because she never slept longer than 1-2 minutes at a time the whole day. She'd doze off and then wake crying with a vengeance. Ugh. What a horrible, terrible day. And to top it all off...I get an email from our helper to say that she's quitting!!! (Don't you just love technology?) She knows that we need someone dependable and she has other things going on right now and can't be that person. OMG. I guess it's time to go the nurse route. I'm calling them tomorrow. Please keep all of this in your prayers! First and foremost Reagan's health. Whatever it is, is causing her serious pain and discomfort, so please pray that this antibiotic does the trick and has her feeling better by tomorrow (and that she gets some sleep tonight...with the help of clonidine). Also pray that we can find a dependable, good nurse to fit our needs. Lots of prayers needed.


jocalyn said...

i feel for you. i really really do.

i think it's best to interview a few nurses right off the bat...then have 2 or 3 split the week. that way each week you will have some sort of help no matter what. the nursing agency can send a few out even before your hours are set in stone.

this WILL workout. and WILL be for the best.

you guys are in our prayers.

and its ok to have a breakdown now and then :)

blogzilly said...

It's not a dramatic title at all...she is going through a lot of Hell days...and I hope it stops soon. That's all I got unfortunately...sorry. But you are in my thoughts.

Dawson said...

My heart goes out to you. Praying for better days and health...and a good nights sleep!!