Monday, April 26, 2010

Good sleep=Good day

Reagan slept well again last night not waking til 10am this morning! And with big eyes and smiles to boot! We had to rush a little to leave in time for therapy but we made it. Reagan did really well. She was very alert and had good head control during OT. Then during feeding therapy she ate some applesauce and a piece of graham cracker! I was surprised about that one. She was actually chewing it! Then we came home and took it easy for a while. I thought she was going to take a nap but that didn't happen. Thankfully the good mood held out all day. Still no call from the EEG scheduler. Turns out she left early Friday and was out all day today. Hopefully she'll get her act together tomorrow and fit us in! I've seen a couple more head twitches today. I also noticed some tiny little twitches in her hands and feet. You can't see them but when she's completely still and you're holding her, you can feel them. Again, hopefully none of these are seizure related, just annoying twitches. Please keep all of this in your prayers.

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