Friday, April 23, 2010

From wired to sleepy

Reagan eventually settled down last night...only moments before I was going to give her Diastat. She fell asleep and finally her little body could rest. She slept well, waking at 5am crying but fell asleep the second I picked her up. I put her in bed with us where she slept past 9am. Today she's been more relaxed. I didn't see any more of the arm movements today...thank God! It was a nerve wracking day, watching her like a hawk. I spoke with the nurse around noon and she agreed that it was time to just get her in for the 24hr EEG. I was hoping to get it done this weekend but it seems the hospital didn't get through processing everything today so we probably won't hear from anyone from scheduling til Monday. Why does everything have to happen right before a weekend? Needless to say I'm not looking forward to the next couple days. Most of the day was pretty normal for Reagan, but this afternoon she got a little fussy and then fell asleep at 2:30pm watching a movie. Reagan is not a napper, so this was unusual. Then she slept...and slept. Hours passed by...every now and then she would cry out and stretch but she stayed asleep. And now here it is 10:30pm and she wakes up (with a poop no less)! I was really hoping she'd just keep sleeping and sleep through the night. Oh well. It might be a long one tonight. What's strange is that there seems to be a pattern here. Every so often she'll have the crazy chorea movements and not be able to sleep for a day or two and then she'll do a 180 and sleep for an entire day. Not sure what that's all about. Maybe she needs a sleep study too?!?! What are we going to do with this girl. Please keep her in your prayers!

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Heather said...

Sweet girl.Hoping tonight brought rest for all of you and praying for an uneventful weekend and that answers come next week.

Love to you all.