Thursday, April 15, 2010

From cranky to hysterical

So Reagan has been feeling a little off today. She woke up crying again and she's still very stuffy. The nose/eye wiping picked up even more today. She's got a big scratch on her forehead from it...we even had to put her arm restraint on her a few times to keep her from whacking herself. For most of the day her mood was OK, just off. A little feisty/cranky. We drove across town today to see a speech therapist that specializes in communication devices for children. It was only her first time to meet Reagan, so it's hard to get a good gauge on everything, but she basically just gave us some suggestions on things we can do with switches. She'd like to have some more sessions with Reagan, which I think would be helpful, but it's a loooooong drive so we'll see. This afternoon, like clockwork, Reagan had her late afternoon poop on me. This is a child who typically goes every 3-7 days and now she's going every afternoon at the same time...and on me! Maybe it's the way I hold her (I call it the poop position). Maybe it's the antibiotic. Who knows. Then tonight cranky turned into hysterical. She was very upset and she threw up a good amount of fluid (not sure where that come from). She just looked plain SICK and completely and totally miserable. She was running a low grade fever this afternoon. Ugh. I can't even stand the thought of her getting sick again. She CAN'T get sick again. Please say some serious prayers for this girl.

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Heather said...

I'm back ... and I am sorry for the "absence" ... life is,and I know I don't have to explain this to you,crazy!

So hoping that she is not getting all seriously don't need that .Especially her.Praying for a peaceful night and i will cal after i drop off Zoey ... that is if your still speaking to me!!

love you.