Sunday, April 4, 2010

Erratic behavior

Today has been an interesting day. Reagan was not going to sleep in her bed last night so I put her in with us and that made for a long night. She slept well for the most part, it was Mike and I that had a rough time of it. This morning didn't start off great either, with Reagan throwing up first thing (and then again tonight). After that she seemed OK. She was exceptionally talkative all day today. Lots of sounds but especially lots and lots of GaGa's. I don't know if she realized Grandma had left or what. I did get some of it on video (I'll try to post that tomorrow). Then this afternoon the tide shifted again and her behavior became very erratic. One second she was laughing and then the next she was crying. Lots of yelling out. Sometimes she would yell out and then she'd start laughing hysterically. Very bipolar. I wonder if any of the many medications she's on could be contributing to such crazy behavior? I hate to see her like this. It's like she doesn't have a second where she can relax and be calm. I have no clue what this means for sleeping tonight. Can't possibly be good. If we could just get her happy and healthy again!! Please keep her in your prayers!

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Lacey said...

She's on some pretty strong drugs, I bet thats contributing somehow. Happy Easter!