Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Immunology appt

Reagan has been in good spirits again today. Last night she did sleep much better than previous nights, so that was good for all of us. We actually woke her up at 8am when we had to leave for her appt with the immunologist. Turns out, she's an allergist/immunologist. I'm not sure why I never thought about that but obviously the two are related. We were super lucky and got put into a room very quickly. We sat in there for a while, but I didn't mind, I was just glad we weren't stuck in the waiting room. As we were waiting we realized that Reagan's rash had gotten much worse! Her back was covered but it was also spreading down to her bottom and onto her face! Thankfully this was the place to be with a rash and immediately the doctor agreed with the pediatrician's phone diagnosis of roseola. It's usually seen in kids younger than Reagan but it's pretty obvious that she's younger than her years. I really liked the immunologist. She's a researcher not just an MD and she told me of her future studies to look into the link between mitochondrial disease and a suppressed immune system. What's interesting is that apparently no one has ever studied this, even though it's obvious many kids with mito have a poorly functioning immune system. I think she liked the idea that my Ph.D. is in Immunology and she spoke a little more freely to me about her work. I joked with her about giving me a job but seriously my hands are a little full right now. She wants to try Reagan on Zyrtec. She thinks the wiping/rubbing at her nose may be due to allergies. I wouldn't be surprised...I have horrible allergies. We're going to try it for a week and see what happens. She also took tons of blood for all kinds of allergy/immune function tests. Should be interesting to see what they find out. Reagan's IgG levels were taken about a month ago and were half of what they should be. Not good. No wonder she's getting sick so much. The doctor definitely thinks it's related to her mitochondrial disorder but the tests she ordered should give her more information on all of this. So despite getting poked and prodded first thing in the morning Reagan has been in a wonderful mood today. Very sweet and giggly again and she's laughing at appropriate times which is even more exciting! She's still really gurgly today. Not sure what that's about...I'm hoping it will pass. This afternoon she did have a low grade fever again (I thought we were over that) and the rash had faded and was barely there anymore. Come on girl...get healthy already!


Missy said...

So glad the appointment went well. We LOVE her and I'm so glad you got in with her. I don't know anything about the other doctor they tried to fit you in with. I hope the testing shows something they can fix!


Cathy said...

Hi, not sure if its similar / relevant but my daughter was not allowed to go onto Zyrtec as it can aggravate seizures... Just thought i should let you know. How your little angel gets better soon. LOL

Holly said...

So glad you got a good doctor. Caleigh takes Zyrtec and we just had to up the dose because it's spring. The rest of the year she does a smaller dose, but still needs it.

Caleigh also has her IGG levels tested occasionally. Kids with gut issues tend to have lower immune systems. From what I understand the gut is a first defense against sickness and when it isn't working right there can be problems. I know alot of the short gut kiddos go in several times a month for infusions and do great after getting them.

Hoping the blood work gives a little more information!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope the Zyrtec helps her! She looks great in that stander. My Peanut has the same she's playing with. :)

Jamie said...

I tell ya yesterday was the first day my madie ate more than two bottles! she was crazy girl till 10pm! LOL Oh sweet girl and that rash! oh my! NOt related to any of the seizure meds?? Yeah I am with Cathy just be carefull with other meds..sometimes they can lower the threshold of seizure meds..
madie gets horrible runny nose and sneezin! just like me! what can ya do....
Lots of luck!!