Monday, March 29, 2010


We'll start off with an interesting little story. Yesterday I noticed Reagan's tummy was looking a little distended. She had several wet diapers so that obviously wasn't the problem but she hadn't had a dirty diaper in a few days. So I upped her Miralax and then finally last night she produced. She slept well and woke up this morning with the giggles. I picked her up and she had some gas that really was cracking her up. I put her in bed with Mike where the gas turned into something more. By the time I picked her back up it was too late. Everything was covered. Reagan's clothes, her feeding tube, the backpack that holds her pump, her pants, her shirt, our sheets, our get the picture. It was a complete and total mess!!! I spent the whole morning cleaning it all up! At least she was in good spirits! She definitely seemed to be feeling better and her fever was gone as well. Even though she seemed improved, we decided to go ahead and make the trip into the pediatrician's office this afternoon. While we were there the fever returned. Thankfully I had brought the Tylenol with me so I gave her a dose right away. The doctor checked everything again...ears looked fine but she described her throat as "raw". She swabbed her throat and sent it for culture, cathed her for a urine specimen to send off for urinalysis and culture, and we took her to the lab for blood...hopefully we'll finally get to the bottom of what's going on with one of these tests. The doctor gave us a different antibiotic to start her on, so we'll see if that helps. From there we went to the orthotic place to get her casted for new AFOs (ankle braces). We've been trying to be better about putting her in the stander lately but it's not going to do much good unless she's bearing weight through her feet properly. These will help to get her feet properly aligned and keep them that way. She was great for the casting and we were in and out of there fairly quickly. She's been a real sweetie all day today. Very giggly and maybe she really did have a virus and she's slowly getting over it. One thing I know for sure...I'm sick of her being sick all the time. Her pediatrician said she's going to do her best to get our appt with the immunologist moved up. We've just got to get to the bottom of why she's getting sick every other week now. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!!!


jocalyn said...

glad your crappy morning turned into a better day :)

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, I so hate those blow outs! But I think the cute giggling would make it a little easier.