Saturday, October 17, 2009

Too much of a good thing

So last night was interesting to say the least. Reagan woke up around 4 so we put her in bed with us. She laid there beside us talking up a storm. Mike and I were exhausted and hoping she would just drift off to sleep with us...but she laid there for 2hrs straight babbling nonstop! Finally around 6 she started to get irritated so I picked her up and tried to feed her a bottle. She wasn't that interested and still continued to talk while I was feeding her. Finally I just put her back in her own bed and I laid back down. I could hear her in there still talking but I fell asleep and I guess eventually so did she. Then this morning she slept in...big time. I kept waiting for her to wake up but she never did. Finally at 10am I picked her up and attempted to wake her myself. Didn't happen. I managed to get all of her medicine down her but she never even batted an eye! I laid her back down and she slept some more. Around 2pm I picked her up again and I finally forced her to wake her up. This is SO unlike her. She's certainly never been this's a little strange. And I don't think she's ever, in her life, slept til 2pm! I know she was sleepy (believe me, I know) but I was definitely getting worried. She seems OK now. It's funny because my mom flew in from out of town just to see Reagan and this little turkey sleeps in most of the day! It was nice though because tonight my mom watched Reagan and Mike and I got out for a little while. Nothing too exciting...dinner and the grocery store...but just getting out of the house was a plus. We SO need sleep tonight. I am beyond exhausted and Reagan is just as talky tonight as she was last night! Prayers for rest and rejuvenation would certainly be appreciated.

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Jamie said...

I remember once hearing Madie in her bed non stop was 2am but hubby and I just laaaughed..:)
Madie has been up being hungry! she has alot of catching up to do! LOL.
heres to some restfull nights!