Friday, October 30, 2009

Still no word

Reagan was up again last night. She was very restless and extremely difficult to get to stay asleep, which made me worry that the casts might be hurting her, but they seem to be OK (although I'm constantly worrying about the possibility of pressure sores). When she woke up at 3am, I fed her a bottle which she ravenously drank down (very unlike her). Her eating has definitely improved today, which is a great sign, hopefully it will continue. She only had one therapy today, vision therapy, which is at our house (when the therapist shows up). It was nice not having to leave. It feels like all we do lately is run from one appointment to the next. It's exhausting. Speaking of exhausting...I am so sick of not being able to get a hold of our neurologist. I left a message today, saying I wanted someone to call us with the results of Reagan's labs before the weekend. Didn't happen. Sometimes her doctor makes his calls on the weekend...sometimes not. So who knows when we'll get the results back. It's beyond frustrating. Would they have called us if something had come back abnormal? Probably not. I bet they haven't even gone over the results yet. Are there any doctors around that still care? Ugh. Reagan continues to not want to take naps. She went all day long with nothing more than a 10min nap in my arms (when I tried to lay her down, she woke back up). Finally she took at super late nap and slept away some of the fussiness. It's hard because she needs to sleep and you can tell she's exhausted but she fights it and fights it. I just hope she's able to get a good night's rest. We all need it.

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