Monday, October 19, 2009

Stay away sickies!

Reagan did wake up crying last night but she fell back to sleep fairly easily once I put her in bed with us. I guess she just wanted to cuddle. She's been in a great mood today, which is good because we had a really busy day. It started off with Feeding therapy, then Feldenkrais, and then Vision therapy back at our house. Lots of running around. Thankfully she was full of smiles and giggles again today. Such a sweetie. She's gotten to where as long as she gets a good night's rest, she only takes one late nap a day (usually around 4 or 5). That works out well considering she's got so much going on right now. This week is a super busy week. We've got appointments at Texas Children's every day Tues-Fri. I'm not thrilled with having to be up there so much, considering all of the concerns about the flu, but we don't really have a choice. Speaking of, I woke up this morning feeling a little yucky. My throat is sore, there's a tightness in my chest (feels like bronchitis), and I've got a runny nose and I've been sneezing a lot (although that could just be my year round allergies). I cannot afford to get sick. I don't have the time for it and I certainly don't want to transfer anything to Reagan. We have some Tamiflu on hand if we should see any symptoms in Reagan but hopefully we won't have to use it. I guess all we can do now is just wash, wash, wash, purell, purell, purell...and hope to steer clear of it! We did get a call this morning about the EEG, it's set for this Friday at 10am. I'm glad they were able to get her in so quickly. Maybe we'll get an idea of what's going on sooner than I thought. I'm still a little concerned about all the giggling. I just want to make sure it's actually laughing and not gelastic seizures. I'm not sure if we'll catch everything we need to see on an hour EEG but I hope so. We need some answers. As always, please keep Reagan in your prayers.


Rhea said...

Anna's been doing the same with the laughing. It concerns me too, especially since nothing is funny. If you find out why, let me know.

Heather said...

Just catching up a bit now.SO tired from the travel and the run.Glad to see sleep is holding steady and I see from the previous post,that seizures are a bit improved .. which is awesome!The week is packed for you guys and I am praying you don't go into a full blown something or another and that Reagan misses it all together.Thinking about your mom.Hoping all of you are settling in.I'll try and call later.Much love and kisses to Reagan.

**Package arrived ... darling,darling,darling!!