Monday, October 5, 2009

Sleep it off

Yet another good night's sleep last night, which is a relief because I was worried about that leg. She's still definitely holding it...but we're clueless as to what's wrong with it. I'm thinking maybe she pulled a tendon or something and just has a little soreness in that area. Who knows? Today at therapy her feeding therapist called in a PT to check it out and she said that if it were fractured or broken there would definitely be some swelling and more of a constant pain. Reagan was very content this morning. Very cuddly and relaxed, maybe a little too relaxed. She was awful floppy. We took her to therapy and she started off asleep but then woke up halfway through the session. That always works well. It allows her therapist to do the uncomfortable stretches without any resistance but then she's still able to get some actual "feeding" in at the end. She ate some applesauce (and did well with it for a while) and then took some big bites out of some veggie straws. I think maybe the intense grinding and chomping she's doing with her teeth really helps out when it comes to taking good bites/chewing. Of course, she did do a good job at managing the bites and swallowed them down without a fuss. While she was sleeping we did get a good look at those molars on the right side trying to push their way through. I think she's definitely teething. Question is, how long is this going to last?!?! It's been a little painful this time around. Speaking of pain, Reagan had a monster of a bowel movement tonight and a meltdown to match. It started a little beforehand with some good whining, then the crying started but failed to stop after the diaper was changed. She continued for probably 2hrs or so, nonstop screaming crying. She'd fall asleep and then wake up with a seizure and the crying would start up all over again. I tried a couple times to lay her down, it wasn't until Mike finally took over that she settled down and fell asleep. I'm hoping she's down for the night. She's certainly worn out, that's for sure. Please keep her in your prayers.

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