Thursday, October 1, 2009

One good day

Another great night's sleep last night. Reagan woke up this morning just smiling and talking up a storm! She was extremely vocal all day long. She had Feldenkrais this morning, which went way better than the last couple sessions. She was very attentive, watching the practitioner and making lots of eye contact with her and babbling the whole time. Her practitioner is actually leaving tomorrow for another week of advanced training with Anat Baniel in California. I'm hoping she comes back with new ideas and moves to try with Reagan. That will leave us with a lighter load next week. Less driving back and forth is always nice. After Feldenkrais we headed over to feeding therapy. Her therapist did lots of mouth stretches, which would have left me upset but she was fine. She ate some applesauce and then chewed on some gummy bears. She even left her therapist a nice stinky diaper right before we left (with no crying). Oops, I felt bad leaving her room all stinky! I guess better there than in the car! All in all, Reagan's had a pretty great day. Especially when you compare it to the last few days. It was certainly a change for the better. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She could use a few consecutive good days and less seizures would certainly be a good start!

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Anonymous said...

Feldenkrais is amazing! Reagan is learning so much, more than we can know. May she continue to improve quickly!