Sunday, October 18, 2009

On the seizure front

Last night was definitely an answer to prayers. Reagan slept the night through, til 8:30 or so, and we all got some much needed rest. She's still in a goofy mood though. Lots of babbling, but it's kind of a crazed babbling at times. I don't know how to explain it. And then the giggling. She's never been easy to get a laugh out of, but now she'll just break out into spontaneous laughter for no particular reason. Sometimes she does it after a seizure, but most of the time I can't link it to anything. It's oh so cute though. I really have to track down the video camera and get it on film. Now you may have noticed that I haven't mentioned seizures in a while. That's almost always a good thing. I hate to say anything when I see improvement for fear that I might jinx it...but we could certainly use some prayers in this area so here it goes. Since we last increased the Banzel (1pill am and 1.25pill pm) there has been a definite change in seizures. I don't think I noticed it until a couple days after the increase...I think it was Monday. The twitches decreased significantly and the tonic seizures have been few if any. The improvement was obvious (although we were hesitant to even speak of it) so I held off on increasing the am dose, but when I saw a slight increase in twitches later in the week I went ahead and moved her up to 1.25pill 2x day. Right now we're holding steady at that dose. Seizures are about the same. Less twitches than before but more than we saw at the beginning of last week. I don't know. Maybe we're on the right track continuing to increase the Banzel. Maybe it was just coincidence. Who knows...but I'll take any improvement, for any reason. Please keep all of this in your prayers. We SO want to see longterm improvement in these seizures (or better yet, none at all). I'm looking forward to the EEG so we can finally figure out how serious (or not) these twitches really are. I would love to squeeze an EEG in this week, but honestly we'll probably be lucky to get in sometime in the next two weeks!


Debbie said...

You so deserve to finally get a break on the seizure-end of things!
I know the feeling of not wanting to mention the good, but when you see the ugly face of seizures for so long, any break is a good break and worth mentioning!
Praying this trend continues for Reagan...and glad Ms. Personality is shining cool is that?
Sounds like she is full of surprises!

Sinead said...

Sounds like a great improvement. I was worried about laughter that came out of nowhere so I pushed the event button during the EEG and guess what it was - a happy laughing baby... Love happy babies.

Shonda said...

Its wonderful to hear that Reagan is getting a break from the seizures. I am glad you mentioned it because I am always thinking about how nasty her seizures are. YIPPIE...I am excited for Reagan.