Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not working out

So...the removable casts are not working out. After Reagan's crying last night, she did have a little red spot on her right heal this morning. She was very tired and slept in late so I took advantage of that and put her casts back on her while she was sleeping (hoping to get a better fit). After waking she only wore them a few hours and started getting fussy. I looked at her foot and you could tell she had wiggled it up in the cast because her toes were not hanging out as far as they should have been. So once again I removed the casts to check out the situation and it was bad. Her right foot was red on the top and her heal was super red and looked like it might blister. They've stayed off the rest of the day and that poor heal is still red. I don't know what to do. I can't try it again until after the redness goes away but I have a feeling we're going to have to go with regular non-removable casts the next time around. It just feels like we wasted a week. Feeding is still beyond difficult. Reagan is just not hungry (or thirsty)...period. I'm trying just as much or more than I was before but she's eating less (by eating, I mean drinking). The problem is that when she doesn't eat, she's also flirting wth dehydration. Today she had a wet diaper when she woke up and then didn't go again all day long until right before she fell asleep tonight. That's not good. I'm not sure what to do. I think I'm going to ask her doctor about an appetite stimulant (if I ever hear from him). I hate the idea of having to give her anything else, but if she doesn't pick up her fluid intake I'm worried she'll end up in the hospital hooked up to an iv. Hopefully she'll sleep well tonight. Last night was rough and she's been up all day long...that's right, not one single nap all day for her. You could tell she was sleepy at times but then she'd just snap out of it and start going strong again. She's a handful alright.

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Kristine said...

Sorry to hear that the casts are not working out. They sound very uncomfortable! :(

I'm also thinking of asking Katie's doctor about an appetite stimulant. Let us know what your doc thinks...

I have read about other parents using Periactin. Then mentioned that it has made their little ones drowsy. Not sure if I want that for Katie.