Sunday, October 11, 2009

Much needed rest

Reagan really shocked us last a good way. She only woke once around 2am and Mike shushed her back to sleep no problem. Then she slept til 8:30am! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the clock! Her mood was also loads better today. Maybe all she needed was a good night's rest. She did have a big huge dirty diaper this morning which I'm sure worked in our favor. Grandma came by this morning to get in some quality time with Reagan before leaving for her new job tomorrow. I put her to work and we hung the Chinese lanterns in Reagan's therapy room. She was in tears as she left. I know she's going to miss Reagan and Reagan just adores her. It really has been a blessing with the amount of time we've gotten to spend together during the time she's been unemployed and looking for a job. She's been such a huge help to me, I don't know what I'll do without her. Please keep her in your prayers as she makes this huge transition that everything goes smoothly. She's driving the 5hrs to Denton tomorrow morning and hoping to find an apartment before starting work on Tuesday. I did finally make a decision and hire a helper. She starts tomorrow so I'm hoping everything goes smoothly. Tomorrow is a busy day, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and then vision therapy. All pretty much back to back to back. I hope Reagan's up to it! She's been a little sleepy today but now that it's bedtime she's looking way too awake.


amy said...

i read your story and i want to let you know i will kepp your family in my prayers.Im happy to hear your daughter had a better night.(SMILE)loveing the good moments.I know every moment is diffrent,i hope you continue to have good moments.
this is my daughters blog

jocalyn said...

My mother-in-law works in Denton... and she's one of the most amazing people I we need to get them together! (if your mom's looking for friends!?!)Grandmas of special needs kids have to stick together too...right?