Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mouth full of cavities

Today hasn't been a good day. Reagan slept in late this morning (which is usually a good thing) but I had to wake her up at 8:30am so I could at least get her medicine down her before we had to hit the road (and she was having more seizures than we've been seeing lately). We had a 9:30am appt with the Dentist at TX Children's so we didn't have time to try to get some real food in her, just medicine (bad idea). A huge issue is that Reagan doesn't get hungry, so if she skips a meal or it's delayed, she never really catches back up for the day. And for some reason right now (maybe it's the teething) she's really fighting me and not wanting to drink her bottles at all. It literally just drips into her mouth and she may or may not swallow it. Anyway, the first comment out of the super personable Dentist's mouth (not) was "I see she's still on a bottle"! Then he opens her mouth says "She's a grinder". No kidding...but I guess it's obvious by looking at her teeth that they've been ground down a lot. Then I hear, "Cavity, cavity, cavity..." Ugh. My heart sank. Apparently she's not only got cavities in most of her molars, they are just completely rotten. She can't even have fillings, she's going to have to have caps/crowns put on all of them. Those yucky silver things. He said that's what they always use in the back of the mouth. They are very durable and should stay on no problem and even withstand the grinding. I just hate the idea of my baby having to go through yet another procedure. We scheduled it for Dec 30th (their first opening). It will be done as a day surgery, they'll have to put her under general anesthesia and then they'll do x-rays to check all her other teeth (which they've never done and I'm afraid they'll find more problems), then they'll address everything all at once. He said that as long as she's drinking bottles as her main source of nutrition, this is going to continue. I don't know what to tell him. It's either bottles or a g-tube! The main problem is that she doesn't clear her mouth of the spit, it just sits there covering her teeth with the sugary residue leftover from her formula. If she would just swallow already! Hopefully by the time she gets her permanent teeth she'll be eating real food. So needless to say, this was not a good way to start out the day. I'm still feeling a little woozy just thinking about it. Then we headed over to physical therapy, we were running a little late, but her therapist had been forewarned and she was waiting and ready to go when we got there. She actually worked with her a full hour because the person that was scheduled after Reagan had canceled. So at least that worked out well. We were supposed to go to Feldenkrais next but we didn't have enough time to go home, so we grabbed some fast food and as I was trying to get Reagan to drink some of her bottle in the parking lot, when her practitioner called me and wanted to push the session back! Well, that wasn't going to work because I had already rescheduled OT to come later in the day after the Feldenkrais session. So we ended up just having to cancel Feldenkrais for today. I was not amused. So we left the parking lot and headed home where she did have a really good OT session. But even when we got home Reagan still did not want to eat! I managed to get her to drink a 4oz bottle in her sleep while she took her afternoon nap. She still coughed and choked a few times, but I was desperate. Of course, now I'm super paranoid about her going to sleep with milk in her mouth. Tonight I brushed her teeth and gave her a few squirts of water before bed. I don't want any more teeth rotting out! The problem is, I usually end up caving and giving her another bottle before she goes to sleep. Every ounce counts with her and sometimes that means feeding her until she falls asleep! Why does everything have to be so difficult?!?! Please keep her in your prayers!

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