Friday, October 16, 2009

Molar mania

Last night was a good one. And thank goodness, because I sure needed to recover from the night before. Reagan slept though til 8:15 or so this morning. She woke up happy but was not really wanting to drink her bottle. She's been so very spitty this past week or so (definitely teething) but somehow even while she's drinking she manages to not swallow her spit and then choke on it. I'm especially concerned about this because the biggest complication with Botox treatment is aspiration pneumonia (and several kids have actually died from it). I'm just being super careful...which means extra patience on my part and taking lots of breaks while feeding her. She's been very sweet again today. This morning she was smiley but not as talkative, but as the day wore on she got more and more vocal. She's even doing some mimicking...which is certainly a first for her. She had a Feldenkrais session this morning but her feeding therapy was canceled so we had a fairly laid back day. It's been oh so nice having a helper. She's really jumped right in and works with Reagan a lot in her therapy room. Stretching, doing different visual exercises, working on head takes a lot of the pressure off of me. Reagan went all day today without taking a nap until 7pm!! I know, that's when most kiddos are going to bed, but leave it to Reagan to do it differently. Tonight as I was brushing her teeth, I took the brush out and it was bloody. So the teething hypothesis was correct. Her bottom right molar (#19) is working it's way out...leaving a big whole in her gum that I disturbed with the toothbrush. Poor girl. Maybe that's partially responsible for the huge increase in babbling? Who knows. It's 11:15pm right now and she's still talking up a storm. She's quite the party animal. Here's hoping for another good night's sleep tonight! Two consecutive nights would be nice.

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