Friday, October 2, 2009

Help needed

Reagan slept well last night, which is amazing because both Mike and I were awake due to a huge electrical storm raging outside! She seemed happy enough when she woke up today but as the day wore on she had multiple occasions where she was fine one second and the next second she's screaming crying and holding her breath. I think it's her teeth. This morning her right cheek was bright red and burning hot, so I reached into her mouth and put my finger at the back of her gums and I think I feel a little something brewing just under the skin. I gave her Tylenol twice today, but it hasn't seemed to help. She's on edge. You look at her the wrong way and she's moved to tears! She's just not herself. I did go back over previous posts in April (the last time she was teething) and found that she was grinding her teeth a lot and extremely irritable. Sounds familiar. Maybe that's it. She's just teething. It's so hard to think in the normal realm of things, considering we live our lives outside of the norm. With Reagan's volatile mood today, I'm glad we finished off all her therapies for the week yesterday. Today we didn't have anything going on and spent the whole day at home. I am starting my search (once again) to find someone to help me out with Reagan. Thanks to the Medically Dependent Children's Program we have funds to hire someone, but it's easier said than done. Previously I just posted an add on Craigslist, but that didn't go very well, so this time I found a website called which has been very helpful. They actually have a section specifically for special needs caretakers! I was amazed and wondered why I had never seen this before. Anyway, I posted an add and have several applicants that I'm considering. I'll be conducting interviews over the next several days and hope to hire someone ASAP (although I want to make sure I hire the right person). Time is of the essence because my current helper (my mom) will be moving soon! She's been unemployed and looking for a job for months now and she finally was offered a great position with FEMA but it's 5hrs away. She's been a huge help to me, and Reagan and I are going to miss her like crazy. She's going to come back on weekends though, so Reagan should still get plenty of quality time with Grandma. Whoever we hire is certainly going to have big shoes to fill. Please keep it in your prayers that we find the right person this time around and that everything goes well with my mom and her new job.

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