Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feeding issues and stress

Stress. Stress. Stress. Reagan continues to sleep through the night and that does help a little. Reagan's still not eating though. I've been fighting with her all day but she's just so droopy and lifeless, she doesn't want to do anything, much less eat. We took her to PT this morning and the first 15 minutes went well enough...then the tummy pains hit her. Fits of screaming and crying that lasted 2 hours or so. The rest of PT was spent just trying to console her. I called neurology first thing this morning and asked them to send the orders for the blood test (who is the doctor here), so we went from PT to the pathology lab...where we waited. They didn't have the orders and no one could get in touch with our neurologist. Finally I got through to his secretary and she told me it could be hours before they could get him to write up orders. So I decided to leave with my screaming child and try again tomorrow (after casting). Finally around 3pm they called to say that they were just now sending the orders. Gee thanks. Talk about frustrating! It makes me SO mad. I wanted this done today so we could get the results tonight or tomorrow. Now everything is delayed a day. Frustrating. But what do they's not their kid! Today has just been one of those days...the combination of everything was leaving me feeling stressed. I was really freaking out this morning with the whole eating thing. Reagan only had 6.5oz of formula from 8am-4pm. I was about to have a mental breakdown. She was just not cooperating! Then at 5pm I got another 4oz in her and another 5.5oz at 9pm...for a grand total of 16oz today. Still not great, but so much better than where she was headed this morning. It just worries me. What happens when I can't get enough in her? What then? So stressful. Please keep her in your prayers!


jocalyn said...

I can totally relate. But she'll eat. I think they just go through phases?!? Unfortunately ours didn't end after 2 weeks...and you know the rest.

Hang in there.

Jamie said...

well madie was not eating her baby food till about a month ago! Ohh we avoided that G-Tube like a plague!~ Seriously when we got her off Clonopin AND Zonegran she was eating! Med related? Dunno...She is on a tab and a half of Banzel.(300mg) I want to say its taken the edge off of the drops but...ehh still there..
Reagan you are in my thoughts sweetpea.
keep on pushin mama