Friday, October 23, 2009

EEG & Casting

OK, busy day. So much so, I didn't write out an entry...for the first time in a year and a half of blogging! Well, here's the summary of events for the day. Reagan slept well...she went to bed early around 9pm while we were at Bible study and then slept straight through the night and I had to wake her up at 8:30am so we could take medicine before heading to TX Children's. Reagan was a DREAM for the procedures. She's never been so good for an EEG. I told the tech that she usually cries when they scrub her head before applying the electrodes, so she was a little more gentle and it worked out well. I didn't even pick her up, I just sat beside her and she just laid happily on the bed the whole time! Definitely a first. Another first is she did not sleep during it. I knew she wouldn't and I told her doctor ahead of time (she's only taking late day naps right now), he said that was fine since we were mainly looking at the twitches and laughing both of which happen when she's awake. We got plenty of twitching and a couple small laughing episodes on film, but when the tech took the electrodes off and was scrubbing gunk out of Reagan's hair, she went crazy laughing!!! Hello...that's what we were trying to get! Oh well, too late. (We're yet to hear from the neuro with the results...still no answers.) Then we headed over to casting. This was an interesting process. Reagan has had this done before by an orthopedic doctor, this time her PT was doing it and they do things a little differently. For one, they pad and pad and pad...the orthopedist did things at lightening speed and there wasn't much padding other than a little cotton. Second...this cast is removable (although she's supposed to wear it >22hrs a day). They put it on her and then cut it back off. Then they line the open edges with more padding and apply velcro strips. Kind of like super bulky AFOs. Reagan was wonderful...she just laid there on a bean bag chair while they did this to her. We really couldn't have asked for her to be any better! Once we got home I was very hesistant to take them off. Just afraid that I wouldn't get them back on correctly. We eventually did after maybe 8hr on and her leg looked great, not red and sore like when she wears AFOs (although this is more of a gradual stretch than AFOs since it's taking place over 6weeks). We gave her a bath, attempted to get some of the yuck out of her hair, and then put her casts back on. I think they were fine, she didnt' cry like they were hurting her or anything. But she did stay up late. Mike and I went to a prayer event at our church and left Reagan with Grandma. When we got back after midnight, Reagan had just fallen asleep! My mom thought she just couldn't get comfortable with the casts on. Well, that might have been true because she was up and down and fussing all night until at 3am when I just took the darn things off. Oh well. She might not be able to sleep in them. We'll see. Little turkey. She's just lucky they are removable.

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