Saturday, October 3, 2009

Come on!

Great sleep again last night. I know, everyone is probably getting sick of me mentioning it, but I am beyond thankful for every full night of sleep we get. We've spent so much time being sleep deprived...I don't think we'll ever take a good night's sleep for granted. Reagan has been in a pretty good mood today. Still definitely showing signs of teething. Red hot cheeks, a low grade fever, and lots and lots of tooth grinding. It really is like fingernails on a chalk board, but there's nothing we can do to get her to stop! Telling her to stop hasn't helped so far. I did go ahead with the Banzel increase today. She's now at 1 tab (200mg) in the am and 3/4 tab (150mg) in the pm. Seizures did seem a little more mild today. Maybe the increase will help? We'll go up to 1tab 2x a day and if we don't see real improvement, it will be time to wean. I'm not sure what our next step will be. We've never really discussed it with her doctor, but she's already tried (and failed) the medications that are known to treat her type of seizures. Hopefully we won't have to go there. Please keep it in your prayers that Banzel will come through for her.

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Jamie said...

yeah you and me both with the Banzel! Madie was a bad teeth grinder for a little while not so much anymore..those 2 year molars were horrid times! still gets teething moments!
Madison seems to be tolerating the Banzel fine..100mg in the AM and 100mg at night...
She was up at 4am ish screamin for food! she was hungry! Oh silly me!