Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catching up on sleep

Mission accomplished! Reagan slept the whole night in her own bed! She actually didn't even wake up this morning...I had to go and pick her up at 8:30am and force her to wake up so that I could give her her medicine. Then we headed in to Texas Children's for her physical therapy. We started off in the swing room, where it's calm and quiet, and she seemed fine. Then we went into the main room with screaming children and Reagan went into a full blown meltdown! We were attempting to get her strapped onto the Rifton tricycle but it just wasn't happening. Maybe next time, minus the screaming kids. We didn't get to try the walker either. It's so frustrating going all the way there for a botched session. Reagan cried nonstop the whole way home and then took a good long nap that seemed to help. She woke up feeling much better and the ECI occupational therapy session at our house went much more smoothly. She's getting Botox tomorrow so hopefully that will go well. The first time she had it (about a year ago), it went really smoothly and she didn't even cry. Reagan has been super talkative today. She said Reagan (or what sounds like Reagan) over and over again. It was too funny! Then tonight she was insane! She was babbling and making so much noise, we couldn't hear the television over her she was so loud. Then she started to get a little irritated but a stinky diaper was to blame for that. Hopefully she'll get a good night's sleep again tonight. She's got a lot of missed sleep to catch up on...and so do we!

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