Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sniffle-upagus (Increase Banzel)

Today hasn't been the best of days for our little one. Reagan was up again last night, we tried her in our bed but finally I just had to get up for 1.5hr with her. As soon as she woke up this morning it was clear she was not feeling up to par. Her nose was all crusty, her eyes all red and puffy. She's definitely come down with something. It's not like she's been bad or even whiney, she's just been very snifflely and all around lethargic. Poor thing, you can tell she feels like junk. I'm hoping it's a short term thing, I was feeling horrible yesterday but I felt loads better today (although mine could have just been allergies). Even with a sick kiddo we've managed to get a lot done today. My mom and I primed Reagan's therapy room and the master bathroom (the remaining two rooms that have to be painted), while Mike tore down this strange storage structure the former owner built in our garage that was taking away from our parking space. All in all, it was a productive day. Seizures are still not good. I'm sure the fact that she's sick isn't helping any. I went ahead and increased her morning dose of Banzel, now she's at 1/2 tab 2x day. We're still hoping to see some improvement...maybe once she gets over this sickness. Please keep her in your prayers...she sure needs a break!

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