Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not quite ready for real food

Sleep last night was almost identical to 2 nights ago...not good. Reagan woke up the second we laid down in bed. That's never a good thing! We managed to get her to sleep with us for a little while, then I got up with her around 1:30am and we were up for at least an hour. I've been dragging all day. This morning we headed up to Texas Children's for PT. I'm not crazy about driving all the way up there for PT but we'll see. It was the same lady that did Reagan's evaluation and she worked her hard (she's the same therapist who will be doing the aquatic therapy starting next week). Reagan was pooped by the time we left. We had some time to kill before we had to head over for her Feldenkrais lesson so we went to lunch. I gave her several bites of my food and she loved it! She's been eating well lately. Monday she ate at least half of a ripe mashed up pear and yesterday she ate half of a mashed banana. So I didn't think it would be a problem to give her a few bites of my squash and spinach casseroles. Bad idea. I don't know if it was just too rich or if she was allergic to it or what but by the time we got out to the car she was making funny noises and I was concerned. Then she proceeded to throw it all up. Thankfully my mom was with me and she was able to catch it all and soothe her as we headed home. We canceled her afternoon lesson and took her home to sleep. She took a good nap and woke up happy but then tried to throw up again. Her eye was all swollen and she just looked miserable. Poor thing. I gave her some pedialyte slowly over the next few hours and then finally tried my luck with a bottle tonight. She seemed OK so hopefully all is good now. She did get a little whiny tonight and I was worried she might have another episode but it turned out to just be a dirty diaper. We need some good sleep tonight and less seizures. Don't forget to keep that in your prayers!


Heather said...

Poor girl.Sensitive tummy that girl has.She is doing great at eating though.Maybe she could teach Zoey a thing or two ... my girl refuses to open her mouth.Turns her head and hits the spoon and bowl away.Nic.Hope last night was better.Reagan needs to get back on the sleep almost all night program.Better for everyone.Prayers as always.

*Thanks for your comment on the post.I think we are all pretty amazing too!!Should let that stuff roll but .. you know me.

Anonymous said...

Has Reagan had a complete allergy evaluation? Just a thought.

Reagan Leigh said...

No. The allergist decided (without ever seeing Reagan) that it would probably not yield anything so there was no need to do a complete work up. I think maybe we should see someone else. There have been a few instances now that we've actually seen her break out into hives because of food. I think we need to know what all she's allergic to (although if she's like me, it's everything).