Sunday, September 20, 2009

Less pitiful but still sick

Last night we did finally get some decent sleep. Reagan continues to feel under the weather, still very sniffley and sneezy but less pitiful looking than yesterday. She seems to be doing fine with the Banzel increase...although we're yet to see any seizure improvement. She did have a little bout of tummy pains tonight right before bedtime. Poor thing, she was really upset. Thankfully this is the first we've seen of these in quite sometime (probably a month or so), a huge improvement to the hours of inconsolable crying we were dealing with before every couple days. Hopefully they won't interfere with her sleep. Being sick, she definitely needs her rest. Today was another productive day with the house. We finished painting Reagan's therapy room which was a huge undertaking. It had some outdated wood paneling on the lower half that we painted white and then we painted the dingy yellowish-orange upper part of the wall a pale blue. It's very beach house-ish. Very light and bright, I think it will be a perfect therapy room! At some point we're going to add different colored dots on the wall as an accent to give it a little more character (kind of like the dots on her blog). Not sure what our agenda is for tomorrow. I'm hoping Reagan's feeling a little better. She's got a couple therapies scheduled, so I guess we're just going to have to wait and see if she feels up to it. Please continue to keep her in your prayers!


Lacey said...

That sounds like a great therapy room. Glad she's feeling a little better.

jennifer said...

The room sounds great. Target carries these stick on dots that would be really cute and they just stick on so you can move them whereever and you don't have to worry about painting!