Tuesday, September 29, 2009

High maintenance

Last night was tough. Reagan's fussiness and tummy pains just before bedtime was a good indication of how our night would go. She was restless. We put her in our bed but she kept waking up moaning and whimpering. It was miserable. Finally around 4am I got up with her and once she actually opened her eyes she cheered up a little. We weren't up long but the damage was done. I was exhausted all day today. We went for her second aquatic therapy session (she missed last week when she was sick) and she seemed to be enjoying herself most of the time. I say most because she had a little meltdown at the end of the session. We had to cut it short 5min or so and pull her out of the pool because she was so hysterical. If I had to guess, I would say that all of the moving and bending of her legs worked some gas out and gave her some gas pains. Maybe it was just irritability from lack of sleep last night. Who knows. She can't tell us. She did recover and fell asleep as soon as we put her in the car seat. Then we came home for a little while and I tried to get her to eat. She has been fighting me with that all day. She's choking on her own spit and then refusing to eat. It's frustrating to say the least. Then we headed back out for her Feldenkrais session. She was very good the whole time...until the end! Another meltdown! No clue what's going on with her. We put her in the car and again she fell right to sleep. Maybe she's just tired. She certainly has been high maintenance today and it's more than just whiny, she's been moved to tears more times than I can remember. That's definitely out of character for her. I just hope she sleeps tonight. This sleep deprivation is really wearing on me. I've had a headache for days. Tomorrow she's got PT and then a well appt with the pediatrician. I'm always scared to go in there because she usually goes in well and comes out sick. Please keep it in your prayers that doesn't happen. She's just now getting over the sickness from last week!

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