Saturday, September 12, 2009


Reagan, Reagan. What a handful you were last night! Reagan fell asleep early around 8:30pm but I figured it was late enough for her to make it through the night. Nope. Not even close. She woke back up around 11pm, right as I was thinking about going to sleep. So I sat up with her, thinking surely she will get tired and fall back asleep anytime now. At 1am she was still going strong. Very alert, very awake, very talkative. I even broke out the camera to get some pictures of her because she was just too funny! Finally around 1:30am I gave up and decided to try her in her bed. She wasn't going for that and started crying. I got back up with her and gave her some juice and immediately she fell asleep. I laid her in bed and then about 10min later she woke crying again. This time I made Mike get up with her and he managed to get her to sleep for good. Not sure why she was so wired. That scares me a little. I don't want to have to battle that every night. This morning she woke at 7am sharp with a bloodcurdling scream! I don't know if she had been fussing and we just never heard her until it escalated or if she had a dream that made her wake up that upset, but I jumped out of bed and scooped her up immediately. She was gasping and crying, poor thing, what a miserable way to wake up! Thankfully she calmed down and was fine. She's been good all day (despite having lots and lots of seizures). Super talkative. I took a video of it a couple of days ago. Probably not the best representative of it but still very cute...I'll have to post it. It really seems like she's really trying to talk. Way more babbling than she's ever done. Even her feeding/speech therapist was impressed when she heard her the other day. She did have a slight fever at one point today. Her head was hot, I checked her temp and it was elevated, so I gave her some Tylenol and the fever was gone before it even had a chance to take effect. Not sure what that was about. Tonight we went to church. It was nice, it's been a while since we've gone because of the move and all. Reagan was asleep when we got there and I was a little worried about just dropping her off in the nursery that way, but apparently she did fine. They woke her up to play with her (they've missed her) and said she was very sweet and happy the whole time. She was looking at the light up bubble tube when we picked her up. She loves those things. They have really great ones at Texas Children's in the waiting rooms (I guess because they know you'll be doing a lot of waiting). She likes to watch the bubbles and the little fish float up and down in them. It's very soothing to her. We really need to get one for her but they are super expensive (1-3k). I've been researching all night some cheaper alternatives. I would love to get something similar for her therapy room. Maybe I'll get one of the smaller ones. I just hope she likes it as much as the bigger ones. We'll see. Anything for this precious one!


the Grandma said...

Her shirt says it all.....ADORABLE!!!!! My sweet precious baby! I am praying sooooo hard for God to answer our prayers and stop these horrible seizures! I am glad that church went well last night! All my love.....

Sarah said...

Love that smile. So cute and adorable. We keep Reagan in our prayers always. Please post if you find an affordable alternative to the bubble tube. Mira loves the one at her school.


Jamie said...

seriously she MAY be just feeling good...!
When madie began to have less seizures in her sleep she was up up up at night squealing and screaming in happy noises! I am with grandma! hee hee. ADORABLE! I am wishing this evening that I lived closer..:(
Its like she is just not getting the day and night thing and is just feeling good....I want to cry when I remember the time when we asked each other when we had seen a seizure last... madie did the same thing! how can you be mad???
cmon Nooooooo Seizures....SOME DAY!!