Sunday, September 13, 2009

Got naps?

Reagan slept last night...whew! Thank goodness we needed some sleep. Only problem is she went to bed early again tonight. She was out cold by 8:45pm (and up an hour later). Only one small nap today made her a little whiny this afternoon. She has a really busy day tomorrow, so hopefully she'll get some rest tonight...eventually. Tomorrow's itinerary consists of feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and then Feldenkrais. All back to back to back. We'll see how that goes. Not much going on today. With Reagan taking only the occasional short nap, I feel like I have no time to get anything done around the house. Still lots of boxes to unpack. Will we ever get it all done? We did make a trip to Lowes today (probably our 100th trip...good thing we have one less than a mile away). Reagan seemed to enjoy it...riding around in her stoller, looking up at all the shiny things. She's so good. And such a sweetie. She's been very talkative again today. It's amazing how she can continue to be so spunky even with all these seizures. We're still not seeing any improvement seizurewise. I know she's still at a low dose, but it's beginning to look like all of the other medications. It's frustrating. Please keep her in your prayers.

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Heather said...

Full day tomorrow for you.Us too.I'll try to call and catch up.Wishing you were seeing some improvement in the seizure department.Still early and still going up so we will say tons of prayers that things begin to settle down.Love to the chatty one.Get that on tape,would you?