Thursday, September 3, 2009

Duocal please

Another good day for Miss Reagan. This is some kind of streak we're on! Usually she only goes a couple days or so before she has a day ruined on account of tummy pains. We're five days and going strong. Sleep is good...all is good. She wasn't nearly as talkative today as the last few days but she still had her moments. Not too much to do today. We went for our morning session of Feldenkrais/ABM and then tonight Reagan accompanied us to Bible study. Everyone commented on how big she's gotten! The funny thing is, I don't think she's really grown much if at all. Maybe I'm measuring her wrong, because it sure seems like she's getting longer, but I'm getting the exact same length as when I measured her months ago. One thing I am certain about is that she's not gaining weight. Not a bit in 9+ months. She's stayed exactly 27.5lbs. Now I know, she's not exactly falling off the growth chart, but my concern is that this downward trend is going to continue and with her being such a difficult eater it will be impossible to get her caught back up. So I found something called Duocal (thanks to Madie's mom) that we can add a scoop here and there to her bottles to help increase her calories. It's a tasteless, soluble powder that adds 25cal per scoop and it's milk-free, unlike the benecalorie we were wanting to use previously. Only's expensive ($30/can)...but then again, isn't everything. At least it was easy to get, I just called Walgreens and asked them to order a can, it was there the next day. So we'll see. She seems to be tolerating it digestively, so that's good. I'm still debating on when to add the Banzel. I think I may wait until next week (with the holiday weekend and all), that way if I have any questions or concerns I can actually get a hold of a doctor. Please continue to keep her in your prayers, she's dealing wth a lot of seizures right now (especially when she wakes up), she really needs something to work!

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Jamie said...

WOO HOO! yeah..we pay 31.49 per can at target pharmacy...dunno if your insurance would cover it..I know ours promtly rejected it...I add that stuff to everything! LOL
Good Luck!!