Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A day of meltdowns

Good sleep last night. Very good. I think Reagan woke up around 8, which is grrrreat! She also woke up in a wonderful mood making this mommy very happy. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. She started fussing as we headed up the elevator to her physical therapy session, moaned and groaned as we waited in the waiting room, and then had a full out meltdown once her therapist started working with her! I had to break out the bottle to soothe her and she fell asleep. We ended up just talking to her therapist for the majority of the session. Then we headed over to her pediatrician's office. She woke up in the parking garage and then started back up with the crying once we got to the office. Again I broke out the bottle( aka pacifier) to keep her quiet. They weighed her in at 28lbs (40th percentile) and measured her at 35in (25th percentile). She's fallen a little in the percentages since her last visit almost a year ago but she's still doing well considering how little she eats. The visit was mainly just to catch her pediatrician up on everything. She's really good about calling medicines in for Reagan so we never have to even bring her into the office. I feel guilty that we never go in and actually see her, so this was our token visit of the year. We left her office and Reagan fell back to sleep in the car (it's very unusual for her to take so many little naps) and we headed to her Feldenkrais session. I figured we'd go ahead and give it a try but as soon as I laid her on the table it was clear I had made the wrong decision...she had another total meltdown. This one was full of tears and breathholding. We tried to work through it, but Reagan was just not having it. She fell asleep (again) as soon as I put her into the car. I'm not sure what's been going on with her today. Therapywise, it was a complete loss. It was not a fun day, for anyone. Finally around 7pm tonight I saw a change of attitude. The sweetness returned to her face and she's been good ever since. She drove me CRAZY today but when she turns it on like she has tonight, she rights all wrongs! She sure can be sweet when she wants to.

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jocalyn said...

Hey! Just getting caught up on your blog. The therapy room is awesome!!! Are you for hire?! It looks great.