Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Babble away

Today has been another great one for Reagan. Seizures continue to be tough but you'd never guess it by her attitude! She's been so happy, so smiley, so talkative! I just love it when she's like this! I'm excited by the fact that this talking (or babbling) streak has gone on for days now. Lots of jibber jabbering...all day long. This morning she had her 3 week post op appt for her cataract surgery. They dilated her eyes and gave her a clean bill of health...both eyes are finally clear! Hopefully that was her 4th and last surgery! Then we headed over to Reagan's Feldenkrais/ABM session. Again, so happy and cooperative. She was just so animated today (see pictures below)...almost hyperactive. And then the whole day went by and she still hadn't taken a nap! I couldn't get her to wind down! She finally fell asleep at 4pm but only slept for an hour at the most. I'm wondering if we're going to be able to get her to stay asleep tonight. She already fell asleep once but woke up an hour later...not a good sign. We're still tapering down the Clobazam. Right now she's at 1/2 pill am, 1/2 pill midday, 3/4 pill pm. I want to lower her dose since it's not really helping her seizures, but at the same time I want to keep her sleeping. I can't even begin to explain what a blessing it has been for us to finally get sleep again. Awesome! Now if only we could get these stinking seizures under control...we'd be happy campers. Please continue to keep Reagan in your prayers she needs a break from seizures.

Look at the expression on her face...she was talking away! This is her new stroller, notice the nifty little shoulder pads, they give her head that little extra support she needs (thank you babies r us).

I know, not the best pic with my giant hand in the corner, but look at those long legs!


Rhea said...

Thanks for the email on the stroller. We just ordered ours - it's pink and brown. Happy to hear that she is so chatty. I'll keep her in my prayers that her seizures will go away.

Heather said...

All these great days .. I can hardly contain myself!She looks huge by the way.Just huge and beautiful as ever.Love the stroller and love you all.Prayers always.

Jamie said...

hee hee :) I love it! Refreshing!I adore your me
less drugs are great!