Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wide awake

Last night wasn't a fun one. Reagan took a late nap yesterday and was still wide awake at midnight. Well, she wasn't going to just lay down either. She was awake and feisty. I tried her in her bed on her back, in our bed, then in her bed on her tummy...nothing was working. Then even after she finally went down, it didn't last long. She woke back up fussing and whining some more! We figured it was tummy pains, but I'm still not sure. She was definitely a challenge, that's for sure. She hasn't had much in the way of naps today so hopefully we'll have a better night tonight. Despite the rough night, Reagan woke up in a great mood this morning. And she was a little angel again for therapy. She really has mellowed out a lot in her "old" age. Other than days when she's having those horrible tummy pains, she really is a super sweet girl. I remember when she used to cry all day and all night. Now that was a challenge! It was a rough first year and a half or so. It's amazing that she can keep a good attitude despite having so many seizures. Poor thing. I left a message today for the neurologist, but never heard back from him. Not sure what our next step will be, but she definitely needs some relief from this. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


Jamie said...

Can I ask if Doctors have determind what kind of seizures she is having? Are they still Spasms? I know that when Madies doctor FINALLY did the 8 hour EEG we knew she was not having spasms..
I cant imagine....My Madie sleeps well..and there is no doubt in my mind that seizures contribute to the bad sleep..
I looked up so many meds...and when some meds said that they were prescribed for spasms..and madie was not having spasms...I spoke up! Depakote here we come!
Keep us posted.... so many prayers

Reagan Leigh said...

Unfortunately Reagan is still having spasms and that nasty hypsarrhythmia is still present. I wish she would just "outgrow" the infantile spasms because they are just so difficult to treat!