Saturday, August 29, 2009

We hate tummy pains (and seizures)

Reagan slept well last night and woke up happy this morning. She was in a good mood for most of the day. I forced her to spend some time on her tummy and although she whined about it a little bit she did OK. She actually ended up falling asleep while on her tummy (see picture below). So our day went fairly smoothly, no real bumps, that is until this afternoon. We never do anything. Rarely even go out to eat, but some neighbors had asked us to go have some BBQ tonight so that was our plan. Only minutes before we were supposed to leave Reagan started crying. Screaming crying. The tummy pains strike again. We attempted to go, we even left and started driving but after a little while we realized she wasn't going to stop so we turned around and headed home. It's frustrating. Not only does Reagan have to deal with these horrible seizures, she's also plagued by relentless tummy pains. And we as parents are left feeling completely and totally helpless. She cried for 3+ hrs with no relief and then finally fell asleep. Poor baby. Her face was so red and her eyes so puffy from crying, it broke my heart. I hope she's able to sleep tonight. I managed to get her medicne in her right before she fell asleep, so hopefully she's down for the night. Please keep her in your prayers.


Heather said...

So cute on her tummy.Not cute is tummy pain.I just cannot believe there is no relief for this child.I am so mad that you all weren't able to get out and just do some "normal" stuff.Poor girl.Prayers that the night comes and with it,much needed rest for you all.

Kristine said...

I also am frustrated with how much Reagan has to endure. I can't imagine how you must feel everyday. Is there not a doctor that will take an interest in making day to day life better for her (in regards to her pain). It's just not fair is it.