Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night went better than expected. Reagan fell asleep after all of that crying and thank goodness she stayed asleep (for the most part). She did wake a couple times fussing, but I went in and shushed her and then finally brought her into our bed where she slept until 8. We really have been blessed that she's been sleeping better lately. She usually doesn't make it the whole night in her bed, but many kids don't, and it's certainly better than her waking up screaming every hour all night long. That was tough. Reagan has actually been a doll today. No sign whatsoever of those tummy pains from yesterday. She's been very vocal...I'm just waiting for some real words...she's so close. She says lots of stuff that sound like words, I just don't know if any of it is associated with anything. She still says gaga from Grandma, but just lately she's been saying nene. I actually thought maybe I was nene, but today she was saying it like crazy to Grandma so who knows. She's said Reagan twice. I know it must be a complete and total accident, but she said it as clear as day. She said NO the other day when I was messing with her toenail. Again, had to be a fluke, but it was too funny. We also hear dada, dog, and mama on occasion. Oh my goodness, if we would hear some real words, we would just melt! It's like when she makes eye contact with you now, she doesn't do it all the time (but she used to never do it)'s so amazing. She's such a little angel! Boy do we love this girl.


Heather said...

I love her too and I love this post.Good things,with our prayers for more to follow.And they will.I just know they will.I can't believe how much she is saying.When we were on the phone the other day I was blown away on how vocal she was.I am so not use to it.Miss Zoey is a quiet one.Hope tonight is a repeat performance.Sleep makes everyone much better ... and much happier!.Love to you all.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...'ll have to post a video so we can all hear her sweet voice. I hope all is going well in the new house.

By the way, I'm sending you an e-mail later.