Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too good to care about the heat

Last night was awesome! Nothing like a good night's sleep to give you a little pick me up. Reagan slept from 10:30pm-8am!!!! I don't remember the last time she slept that long. It was great. Then to top it all off, she's been in the best mood ever today! Extremely talkative, so happy, just an absolute and total delight. I wanted to get it on video because it was just too cute, but I couldn't find the video camera among all the boxes. Speaking of boxes, there seems to be an infinite number of them to unpack. I spent all morning unpacking and I didn't even make the slightest dent in them. Mike was busy trying to get the cable working in the remodeled living room and cleaning out the garage, both of which took a lot of work. Somewhere in the middle of all of this our A/C went out! Yep, that's this sweltering heat. What's crazy is my mom's A/C went out the day after we moved out (some luck this family has)! It was a humid 84 today in our house. Yuck. Thankfully we got one of those home warranties on our house when we bought it, but since it's a weekend we probably won't hear from them until Monday. That being said, this afternoon Mike decided to go and and see if he could get it running again and sure enough he did! They still need to come out and replace a part or two, but at least it's working for now. I was afraid I wouldn't make it a night without A/C. Not here. It's just too darn humid. So hopefully it will hold out until Monday. Meanwhile, our hot water heater does not seem to be working either. Sounds like we'll have to call someone out for that too. Talk about luck. Oh well. Reagan had a great day, that's all that matters!

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