Sunday, August 16, 2009

What goes up, must come down

I knew yesterday was too good to be true. Last night Reagan was up nearly all night! She was crying inconsolably from about 2-6am! It had to be her tummy! I kept expecting a dirty diaper, but it never happened. It was a miserable night for all of us. These tummy pains are just so frustrating! And things aren't looking promising with the allergist. I spoke with the GI doctor last week and she said she has been going back and forth with the allergist about whether or not it's worth it to do further allergy testing. She said that the number of Eosinophils they saw in the biopsies from the colonoscopy/endoscopy, while elevated, wasn't necessarily at the level she would expect with an allergic reaction. My concern is the widespread inflammation! Hello? What do they think that's coming from? I don't know. I'm just getting so sick of no one being able to help Reagan. It's beyond frustrating! Speaking of frustrating, seizures are still throwing us for a loop. Yesterday, when Reagan was in such a great mood, she had very few seizures all day and only one of the big ones. Then today they were back up in number. It definitely seems to affect her overall mood and personality. She was very groggy and quiet today, nothing like the happy chatterbox she was yesterday. I'm sure the increase in seizures and lack of sleep were responsible. Oh, if we could only get control of these darn seizures. Please keep this in your prayers! On a positive note, Bear (our black lab) joined us in our new house today. He's going to love it here! Our backyard backs up to a former golf course and at night everyone walks their dogs out there. It's great because we've already met some really nice neighbors (we lived 6 years in our other house without ever really getting to know any of our neighbors). Bear even took a swim with his new friends, of course I had to give him a bath afterward, but at least he had some fun (and got some good exercise).

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