Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smooth surgery

Reagan slept like a baby again last night. Not a peep...boy is that nice! She woke when we put her in the carseat at 5am to head into Texas Children's. We used her new stroller and it worked well. Very easy to manuver, perfect for the crowded spaces at the hospital. Reagan was in a great mood this morning. Very talkative. At one point she was so loud and making so much noise in the waiting room, I could hardly believe it was her. When I handed her off to the anesthesiology nurse she was bright eyed and so smiley! It was just too sweet! Her surgery went off without a hitch and the surgeon came out to talk to us in what seemed like record time. They took her back at 7:55am and her doctor came out at 8:35am. She said everything went well. BOTH eyes are nice and clear now...every other time they told us they found a new cataract...so this is great news! About 20min later they came and led us to the recovery room and there was my little princess sleeping in the middle of chaos. These recovery rooms are filled with irate kids (usually 6-10 years old) that are screaming at their parents and every nurse that comes into sight. It' s quite irritating. Reagan laid there for a while twitching a finger here and there but not opening her eyes. It wasn't until I picked her up that she finally woke briefly. Exactly long enough for me to get 3/4 oz juice and her medicine in her. Then she was back out. She slept the whole way home and then for a couple hours afterward. Although after finally waking, it's been hard to get her back to sleep. She didn't really want to take naps this afternoon and she doesn't want to go to bed tonight either. Lots of moaning and groaning. I don't necessarily think it's pain associated with the surgery, I think she's just irritated with that patch on her eye. That's got to be very disorienting, especially if you already have limited vision. She's given it a few good whacks and tried to "wipe" it off on my shoulder but no such luck. Thankfully, it comes off tomorrow morning at her post-op appt. Then it's the 4 week regimen of eye drops...oh, she loves that! I just hope we can get her to sleep tonight. With the stress of the surgery, having to get up so early, and all of the work we're putting into the new house...we're all exhausted! Please continue to keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery, no more cataracts and no more seizures!!!


blogzilly said...

Great post to read. Glad to hear things went so well.

Dawson said...

Great news!! So glad things went smoothly. Rest well precious girl