Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rough one

Last night was a rough one. Reagan was waking up having tons of seizures. I don't know if they are what woke her up or what, but they were definitely preventing her from going back to sleep. Poor thing. I was holding her and she had finally fallen alseep, I was about to get up with her and all of a sudden, legs stiffen, arms jet out, head and neck fly back. It was definitely a tonic. Certainly not the long ones she was having before, but still scary nonetheless. And waking her up from sleep. Ugh. I hate seizures. I can't help but wonder if it's from us decreasing the Keppra. Even though she was still having lots of seizures while on the higher doses of Keppra, she wasn't having these big ones. It almost makes me want to tinker with her doses and increase the Keppra again to see if it helps. Problem is, even if they improve, she's still having hundreds of seizures a day. Nothing is really getting solved. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like we just keep running into wall after wall. Please keep her in your prayers. Still no word on the results from the endoscopy/colonoscopy...I'll have to call her doctor tomorrow. I guess she forgot about us. Reagan had a severe bout of the tummy pains tonight. I had to run over to the house and I left her at home with Grandma (sorry). She was not a happy camper. I just hope she's able to get some rest tonight. She's had a rough day. Again, prayers are appreciated.

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