Monday, August 10, 2009

Prayers for surgery

Today we went by Babies R Us and I decided to just get a regular Maclaren triumph stroller. I'm sure there's not much of a difference between it and the special needs version of it, the Maclaren Major (other than about $800 and a couple months of waiting on it), so I thought I'd just get it so we can use it now. We did find some really neat cushions that fit on the shoulder straps providing just the right amount of support for her head to keep it straight. I wish we would have seen these sooner! Who would have guessed that we'd find them at Babies R Us for $10 (of course they are made for babies, but whatever). Tomorrow is the big day (Tuesday for those of you reading this tomorrow). Reagan's cataract surgery is going to be the first surgery of the morning. We have to be there at 6am, although I don't think they start the surgery until sometime between 8-9am. Apparently Reagan isn't too worried about it because she slept great last night and she's already down for tonight. I'm always nervous about these things. Her little foot is still bruised from the IV she had in it two weeks ago for her colonoscopy/endoscopy. Poor thing. She's so sensitive. Please keep her in your prayers for a smooth surgery, no complications, and a quick recovery. Hopefully she'll sleep most of the afternoon, since she'll probably be a little irritated about having to wear an eye patch. We're waiting until after the surgery to give her her seizure medication. With the anesthesia, it's just not feasible for us to give it to her beforehand, so it's great that they were able to schedule her as the first surgery of the day. Sometimes that doesn't happen. They try to do the youngest kids first (babies and such), but realistically Reagan is at such a young age developmentally I think they should take that into consideration. Hopefully we won't get bumped. Please keep us in your prayers!!


blogzilly said...

I hope the surgery goes well and smoothly for her. And for you too...:)

Jackson's Blog said...

Prayers for a smooth surgery, and hopefully her last! ;-)