Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the tummy

Another good night's sleep last night. Reagan did wake up early around 5:30am because of tummy pains. She was crying a lot and then I heard it...she filled her diaper. Poor thing. She seemed to get some relief from that and was able to go back to sleep. Then all day she was great. My mom came over and worked with her on her tummy (she's been reading the book from the Institutes and is inspired). Reagan did really well...considering being on her tummy is not necessarily her favorite place to be. While she was occupied I was able to get some things cleared away in our's finally starting to resemble a kitchen instead of a junk yard. Now all we need are some groceries. We have GOT to go the grocery store...we had plans to do that tonight but it just did not happen. Reagan actually started getting cranky as the sun went down and then she had another dirty diaper! Two in one day, that's a lot for her. And talk about stink! It was lethal. And liquidy (sorry) makes me wonder if something more isn't going on. We sure don't need a stomach virus with a kid that has excruciating pain every time she goes to the bathroom! Hopefully she'll be good to go tomorrow since we've got a full day planned. She's got an evaluation at Texas Children's for PT (since we moved she hasn't been getting any PT at all), then feeding therapy, and then OT. Busy day.

She was picking her head up really well, I just didn't get a picture of it!

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