Friday, August 7, 2009

More teeth!

Reagan slept fairly well last night. She was in with Grandma until 5am and then I gave her a little bottle and moved her into our bed where she cuddled with Daddy and fell back asleep. Today she had feeding therapy again. She did some really great chewing on gummy bears. Her therapist wraps it in a small piece of fabric and then puts it back on her molars and she munches away. Speaking of, I think she's got a new tooth back there...actually two. It's her 2nd molars, both of them on the left side. That would make #17 & #18! That's a lot of teeth! Not sure exactly when they started coming through, but they are both about halfway out now. That would explain the massive amounts of spit she's been producing lately. I guess that would also explain some of her irritability lately, although I think you can chalk most of that up to the seizures. They continue to give her a hard time. They wake her up while she's sleeping and then hit her full force once she's awake. I'm increasing the Keppra a little to see if it helps. At this point I'd try anything. Please keep her in your prayers. I'm just so frustrated with these seizures. We're almost two years into Infantile Spasms and we're yet to even catch a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. It's so upsetting. She's fussing right now, so I better go and try to soothe her. Hopefully this won't hurt our chances for sleep tonight.

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