Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moany moany

Reagan has been on the verge of fussy all day. Just moany and groany, but thankfully no meltdowns (although she is due for a poop). She was supposed to have vision therapy this morning but she fell asleep only moments before. Her therapist tried her best to wake her up and get a session out of her, but it was not happening. This was probably her last session with this therapist, since we'll be moving into our new house which is in another county/school district. She started off with her almost two years ago when Reagan was diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and we'll definitely miss her. She's a very positive person, always very energetic about her job, and I think kids respond well to that. I'm just hoping we can find good, experienced therapists to work with Reagan in our new location. Speaking of new location, still a lot of work to be done there. The guys from our Bible study pitched in tonight and helped Mike empty our last POD into the house. Problem is, everything is still in boxes and totally out of place. We can't put anything where it goes because it's still a construction zone in there. The living room is in the process of being drywalled, the kitchen is covered in a thin layer of plastic ready for texture and painting, and our master bedroom ceiling is being textured and painted. It's a total mess. Meanwhile, I still need to paint all of the bathrooms as well as Reagan's therapy room. Lots to do. Mike and a friend from work attempted to install our new dishwasher tonight. No clue if they were successful or not. He's still missing in action. Maybe a job best left for the professionals? Hey, if it was up to me, I'd pay the professionals to do it all. I love watching home improvement shows, but when it comes to the actual labor of doing it yourself, I'm not a fan.


jocalyn said...

I'm sure its hard to say goodbye to therapists. For us, some have become like family...others well, I'd be glad to see them go!

I absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt HATE moving and re-organizing, painting, having strangers in my house,and my routine thrown off. BUT it will be so worth it in the end! Hang in there.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Just to let you know, I just sent you an e-mail.

Good luck with getting situated in your new house.

Miles said...

I am already dreading saying goodbye to Madies Birth to Three therapists! I say take it one session at a time...see how you feel and you have every right to change all for Reagan! I cant wait to hear that you are all settled! I wish I could help you out! I was very pregnant when we moved into our last apartment and I was in charge of unloading the boxes into their I guess with a 1000 square feet it was easy...

Madies Mom.
(oh on my hubbys laptop...commenting as Miles...LOL)