Thursday, August 13, 2009

Into the house

Well, we got our wish! Reagan slept like a rock last night and so did we. She didn't wake until this morning when Mike was getting ready for work (it's his fault). Even with all the sleep, Reagan has been really floppy/groggy today. Not sure what that's about. But thankfully she has been in a good mood all day. We did PT this afternoon and she was very cooperative but she did wear out fairly quickly. She spent some time in a stander at therapy while wearing AFOs, it's been a while since she's used either one of those! Hopefully things will change now that she has her own therapy room, that is, once it's cleared out (which it's filled with extra furniture and boxes right now). Tonight will be our first night in the house. I'm not sure if our internet or tv is working yet, so I'm typing up the blog a little earlier than usual. There's still a lot to do but I guess it will be easier to get it done if we're living there. I'll probably move the dog and the rest of our stuff from my mom's house this weekend. Seizures continue to plague us. She's still having lots in the morning, but the smaller ones seem to taper off during the day. She's definitely having less in number througout the day but the ones she does have are very big and definitely seem to upset her. They upset me too. I hate it that she's still battling these nasty things. It's just not fair. Please keep her in your prayers...she SO needs a break!


Raegan said...

Hello- my name is Raegan (great name huh?)and i have spent the last 6 days reading your blog and I just wanted to say what a beautiful and charming daughter you have. Your family is so strong and the love that echoes through the internet waves has brought tears to my eyes numerous times over the last few days. You have been added to a new prayer list. Congrats on your new home!

the Grandma said...

Okay....the Grandma is going through Reagan Withdrawal!!! She has only been out of this house for a couple of hours and I miss her sooooo much! I'm not sure that I will be able to sleep without her!! I KNOW that she will love being back in her own bed though!

I love yall......the Grandma

Heather said...

Congratulations!!And I know she is missing her grandma too .. what a special time they have had together.Hopefully this fall I will be able to spend some time in your new beautiful with you.that's what I'm shooting for.Prayers and blessings and THIS house will hold miracles.I just know it.