Monday, August 3, 2009

House Chaos

Last night was so much better than the night before. Thank you to all that said an extra prayer for worked. Reagan slept straight through. Mike woke around 4am and then tossed and turned til 7, I think he was waiting for Reagan to wake up but she never did! It was awesome. We sure needed that. Then we gathered up our stuff and headed over to the new house to wait on delivery and installation people. We didn't have a long wait, the alarm guy arrived only minutes after we got there. The cable/internet guy came shortly thereafter. Then the contractor and finally the appliances. Unfortunately, we encountered problems at nearly every turn. First it was the alarm guy charging us ridiculous prices to install window sensors on the windows (it was like dealing with a used car salesman). I guess that's just one of the problems with buying an old house...newer houses are prewired for security. Then the cable guy...don't even get me started. He couldn't locate the cables in the attic, so he basically just did nothing. He also left before configuring the internet so that still isn't working either (I'm thinking about switching companies). Then the appliances show up and I HATED the refrigerator! We ordered monochromatic stainless, what I didn't realize is that doesn't mean stainless all over, it means a stainless front and a grayish silver paint on the sides! It was so ugly. I could have lived with black on the sides (since we have black granite) but the gray was hideous. Then they put it in place and it was sticking out a good foot past the countertop. So that was it, I told them to load it back up. Now I have to call first thing tomorrow and reorder a fridge that actually fits and hopefully it shows up ASAP. Meanwhile, after they installed the washer they realized there is a leak coming from the pipe (our responsibility), so that has to be fixed as well. The contractors were the only ones that didn't cause any problems. They showed up and began scraping the popcorn from the ceiling in the master and then ripping the paneling off in the living room. It was a three ring circus and I was a ball of stress all day. Thankfully Reagan was a complete angel and my mom handled her while I handled the mess. She's been having a lot of seizures today. Big ones too. I emailed Dr. Chugani about it and he said continue increasing the Clobazam. So tonight she's up to 1 pill for the pm dose. He said if this doesn't work he might suggest trying Depakote again (since she only tried it for a short 2 week period before starting ACTH). I don't know. We did the same thing with Keppra and that didn't work. It's just hard. We're running out of options and I just want these dang seizures GONE! Please keep her in your prayers!


Heather said...

You went from a hell of a night to a hell of a day.Oh my gosh!I looked at the list of calls from today,just now, and I see you called.Sorry.Have no idea how I missed that.I'll call in the morning before swimming.If you can't answer I totally get it.Love the pictures of Mike and Reagan.So sweet.As for the seizures .. ticking me off .. they got to go.This poor love needs a break from it all.Hope you guys sleep well.Kiss the girl.

Jamie said...

YOu are so reminding me of when we bought out house! Go to the store and LOOK at the fridges silly! Sears all the way!
Give Depakote some time...seriously we began on Halloween and greadually increasd and had blood taken etc Thanksgiving we were wondering if we had seen a seizure!! I think its worth another shot.hmm dunno kiddo...Im with Heather on that seizures just ticking me off! "the story of our lives"

Jamie said...
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