Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hell of a night

Last night was a horrible one to say the least. Mike and I were SO tired from working on the house all day and we were oh so looking forward to a good night's sleep, but sadly that did not happen. No way. Reagan's tummy pains started up and would not relent. She started to get fussy and by 11:30pm she still wasn't looking the least bit sleepy, then around midnight the whining turned into screaming. We're talking nonstop screaming at the top of her lungs! This went on most of the night. I knew it was tummy pains (she hasn't gone since her colonoscopy), so I gave her a suppository. It did clean her out, but those things always seem to make matters worse than better. Is it possible for a glycerin suppository to cause additional pain? I don't know. You wouldn't think so. Around 2am I handed her off to Grandma so I could get a couple hours of rest, but the crying continued. She finally fell asleep around 3am but that was short lived as well. At 4am I woke to more crying so I got back up with her. Finally at 5am or so she fell back asleep cuddled up next to Daddy. That lasted til 7 and then it was time to get up (again). Ugh. What a night. Thankfully she did wake in a much better mood this morning. Grandma watched her again today while we continued with the painting (and replacement of ugly fixtures) at our new house. My dad and stepmother came down to help us, we got a total of 3 rooms painted and one primed. We are totally wiped out to say the least. I forgot about increasing the Clobazam tonight so we'll probably start that tomorrow. Seizures are still rough. Very frustrating. Lots of prayers needed in that area.


blogzilly said...

Curious...didn't know you had a dog, how does the dog react to her issues? Do they upset him/her?

Reagan Leigh said...

Yes, poor Bear, he's afraid of the seizures. I think he thinks she's trying to hit him! But he's a very laid back dog, labs are good like that. He hides in his crate when she cries.

Jamie said...

I can only laugh at the dog! LOL Like he is telling you to please make the person stop crying so he too can
I can remeber the days just a year ago of painting our house..and the Gothic lighting fixtures we replaced...LOL
Try to get a nap! I credit you for functioning! Lil Regan...oh lil sweetpea...where is the releif..prayers and prayers :)